Saturday, June 20, 2009

Montana Stockgrower's Association comes to town...

On June 10-13, 2009 the Montana Stockgrower's Association
celebrated their 125th Anniversary in Miles City.

A few days before the events, some of the wagon trains came down the gravel road that runs between the ranch. The folks stopped right down the road from the house to camp in the pasture. They unhitched their wagons, set up their wall tents, and started their dinner over an open fire. The next morning Mark stopped by and had a cup of "cowboy coffee" that they boiled over an open fire. They hitched back up and moved a little closer to town and camped out on a neighboring ranch.

The highlight of the events took place on Satuday, June 13th when we rode into town to watch the Stockgrower's Parade down Mail Street.

Jenn & Miles enjoying the parade!

I think that's as accurate as it gets!
Rosebud Cattlewomen's Association
Once again, the cowboys from the Cross Four loaded up their horses and headed to town to be in the parade. The parade consisted of many covered wagons, chuck wagons, carts/carriages, and any vehicles entered had to be a 1959 model or later. This was a true Western Parade!

Here comes the Cross Four Ranch team and cowboys...

In this picture: Larry (black scarf), Juan (black horse),
Al (red scarf/black hat), Ben (red scarf/white hat),
& then there's Mark riding Squirrel.

After the parade we grabbed a bite to eat and headed to the park for a picnic and some play time while we waited for the gates to open at the fairgrounds.

Allie enjoying some Dorritos at the park!

Once the gates opened, we went to watch the Ranch Rodeo.

After a day filled with excitement the kids headed to the house with their grandma and papa while Mark and I went downtown with friends to the Street Dance. Needless to say, even though we are a small dot on the map, we know how to have a good time around here!
As Jason Aldeen sings, "That's how we get down in a hick town!"


Stacey said...

Oh, what neat things you all are getting to experience! We can't wait to see you all:) Give each of the kids a hug from us! XOXOX

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